Choose TrackSYNQ To Manage Your Fleet & Get Up To 70% ISPRINT Funding!

TrackSYNQ is one of the software packages available in
iSPRINT Packaged Solutions.

SMEs can claim up to 70% of the qualifying costs,
capped at $20,000 for the purchase of the first packaged solution (listed)
under each solution category.
(This is subjected to fulfilling the eligibility criteria and the availability of funds.)

Isprint Benefits


Simplified Claiming Process

iSprint directly reimburses the vendor

Less Upfront Payment

SMEs pay at least 30% upfront

iSprint Support

Quick response with regular updates.
Receive grant support for up to 2 years


Software / Subscription Fees for 12 months:

Basic subscription

a) [Core] Track & trace

b) View historical routes

c) Geofence & alerts

d) Fleet management

e) Daily, weekly & monthly reports

Per Vehicle $960
Professional Services Not Applicable  
Training Not Applicable  
Hardware Not Applicable  
Total Standard Package Cost (to be used as the “Minimum Cost of Package”)   $960
SME need to pay at least 30% upfront   $288
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To better understand the package solution and see how trackSYNQ can enable you to reduce costs and improve efficiency of your fleet, talk to us today.